Peer Mentors

The Representing Realities program partners closely with the Retention through Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP). Each Representing Realities student is paired with a student mentor, who helps the student transition from high school to college life.

As part of Representing Realities your RAMP mentor will:

  • Welcome you to HSU and attend the Summer Immersion with you.
  • Help you adjust to the unique challenges students face in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.
  • Help you develop positive academic habits and study skills.
  • Teach you about the campus culture and help you find your niche.
  • Clarify university policies and procedures.
  • Direct you to campus and community resources and services.
  • Let you know about all the cool stuff happening on campus.
  • Be your biggest supporter!

For more information about RAMP, please visit their website: